Are You Listening?

E-Commerce, Customized.

AYL was a collaborative business venture that utilized our wide range of skills to market and sell custom shirts displaying the customer’s nine favorite albums.


Customization can be a hurdle in advertising since marketing due to the wide range of potential users with varying personal interests.

We saw this as an opportunity to utilize the power of targeted advertising to showcase our product to as many different musical subcultures and communities as possible.

By designing ads specific to certain age groups, genres, and artists, we were able to attract customers who would otherwise be not interested.


Our social media presence sought to engage our audience through community engagement and interaction.

Instagram story posts inviting users to share their songs of the week that would later be posted for everyone to see helped to develop a sense of community while also giving us a better understanding of the listening habits of the followers we were marketing to.

A Site To

At the end of the day, what is our advertising leading our users to? An intuitive and sleek customization experience with mobile users at the forefront. More often than not, mobile web design is left as an afterthought. Instead, we tailored an experience that plays to the strengths of the smaller screen, rather than against it.