Counter Office: Making a Cool Space for Making Cool Stuff

Written by Luke

May 21, 2023

After what we dubbed the Counter Labor Week (originally referred to as the Counter Labor Camp, charming, I know), we decided to purchase two more workstations and move into William's bedroom as our first office. The ease of collaboration while working alongside each other was honestly very surprising to us as people born of our generation accustomed to working late nights on projects through a mixture of Discord screenshare and CSGO breaks. Although, we definitely played a fair amount of CSGO which you would have noticed had you joined our livestream.

With William's entire living situation sequestered into a walk in closet the exact dimensions of his queen size bed, we installed a first round of shelving to house our equipment. In the video below, you can see the development of the office space from a pile of doodads and doohickeys into a space in which three guys can create cool doodads and doohickeys:

Beyond several rounds of cleaning, buying a necessary mini fridge, and other office construction escapades, that brings us to today. Overall, our productivity has increased exponentially since not only creating the office as a shared work space, but also instituting clear hours in which we will all be in office working collaboratively, rather than meeting once a week at the end of every sprint.

Going forward, we are looking to utilize the space as a studio as well, installing a wall mounted green screen system to quickly film social media content (as well as to possibly do some in office headshots). Additionally, we have plans in the works for live performances to be hosted in the office utilizing our lighting equipment and projector.

I'd say all we need now is a water cooler, but for some reason William already has this mounted in his hallway:

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