Figuring Out Fun: Making Entertaining Social Media Content

Written by Henry

July 30, 2023

For Counter, many of our recent efforts have involved long term projects which develop our approach to filmmaking, digital presence, the acquisition/organization of clients, and other fundamental decisions. I have recently found a lot of fun in taking a break from these large scale projects to make something quick and dirty, in the form of short social media videos.

Luke and I have made a habit out of writing, completing pre-production, and filming for a short video within 30 minutes. Although this pitifully small window of time seems as if it would add stress and restriction to the assignment, I have found that it actually brings a sense of freedom that makes the process much more laid back. With no time in the budget to focus on tiny fixations, perfection is left out. Also, these posts do not have a strict set of goals, which makes it much easier to just go with what feels right instead of overthinking the bigger picture. Our only priorities are making them entertaining, keeping it simple, and applying our filmmaking skills in a way that showcases them minimally.

We have made two videos with this approach so far, and we plan on following this plan weekly. The use of 360 cameras, short shots, and expressive acting brings a silly and ridiculous feeling to these posts that has brought a new energy to our social media presence.

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