Flyers and Brochures: Adventures in Door to Door Sales

Written by Luke

May 28, 2023

When operating within the digital media space or even just being a person in the modern era, it is easy to forget the power of a good flyer. A physical item you are now tasked with either keeping or disposing of that serves as a reminder of the pitch you just heard.

Utterly revolutionary.

Lol, but really, in being so caught up in targeted ads, SEO optimization, and other digital mumbo jumbo, flyers just tend to stand out.

I can't say we lead with that thought process when deciding to make flyers, instead, we knew we wanted to do door-to-door sales and figured we should have marketing materials to physically hand to someone beyond a business card.

We created a couple of different pieces of print media to hand out to potential clients. Our target for the main flyer was local businesses to whom we offer reduced costs for social media marketing packages tailored to their needs. We included a list of services on the back which we mark with a red sharpie to identify services the business could benefit from.

We also created a general overview brochure that serves as a personal touch, detailing ourselves and leaving room for us to write a personal note and leave our card.

Finally, we made a simple half-sheet for notes that we originally intended to write alongside the flyer, however, we have found it to be somewhat unnecessary but situations where it is helpful could come up here and there.

With these marketing materials alongside our existing business cards, we are equipped with a robust toolkit of ways to explain our business and our services.

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