Nava Onti at the Office: Our First In-House Show

Written by Henry

July 3, 2023

Thanks to Jordan, Nancy, and Junior for taking the photos featured.

Our video of the live show can be found here. Check it out!

Our collaboration with musician Nava Onti has been in the works throughout this year, and it has created many opportunities for experience in new skill sets that we haven't encountered before. One opportunity that I have been looking forward to most is the design and promotion of live shows. In order to test our audio and lighting hardware, we set up a show at the office for an exclusive demonstration.

We knew that a quality lighting design was crucial in order for the performance to feel legitimate and create a visually pleasing end result for the footage we were capturing. We did not have a DMX controller or stage lights handy, so a need for resourcefulness arose. Luke and William went straight to work with configuring my old phone and a set of photography strobe lights to fit our needs. A projector mounted on a DIY shelf on the back wall allowed us to provide background visuals for the show, which were created by Luke using AI programs. Expansive castles, pits full of people flailing around, and other imaginative scenes could be distinguished throughout the dream-like video.

Nava Onti did great with the limited space he had to perform. Our team, and Nava's friends who joined us, all had a superb time watching the show. The microphone, interface, and other hardware items we used to record the performance did the job well, and proved their functionality for larger performances to come. This opportunity outlined improvements to be made for all of us. There is always something in the process to streamline further! Considering Nava Onti has the overwhelming task of entertaining a crowd with his music, we are trying to shed light on all variables involved to ensure that future events are a success.

We all had a great time with this project, and I am happy to say that we plan on hosting more shows at the office for other musicians that we will be working with. Providing technical troubleshooting and capturing live footage for social media are great reasons for continuing on with this idea. I hope to see more musical endeavors within the Counter scope as we move forward.

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