Sesame Chicken

A Short Film.

This short film sought to achieve a neo-noir visual style through the satirical misadventures of a man who just wants his sesame chicken.


Experimentation through shot variety was a large priority. Drone videography gives a greater sense of scale to an otherwise claustrophobic film. Additionally, car-mounted shots break up the more traditional shoulder-mount or static camera segments.

Not only was the diversity of the shots key to the cinematic language of the film, it also pushed us as filmmakers to uniquely tell a story that itself was just as unique.


The use of colored lighting on set gave the film a consistently recognizable aesthetic throughout the film.

Dynamic visual contrast was achieved through selective color grading that highlighted a certain color in each shot, emphasizing the use of colored lighting. This contrast plays a large role in the overall storytelling through placing increased significance on the color, and emotion, that is present in each shot.